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About UnitEx

Unit Exchange or “UnitEx” is a centralized global digital asset exchange and trading platform that adheres to the principles of integrity and innovation.

UnitEx Mission is to merge traditional finance to blockchain technology and to provide a unique trading experience for our users that enables them to have the most seamless execution of their trades.

UnitEx is providing services for Crypto-Fiat, Crypto-Crypto, Fiat-Crypto exchange and crypto wallet management.


Why Choose UnitEx
as Your Partner?

UnitEx using next-generation technology to help to solve tomorrow's operational and security challenges related to wallet management.


The multi-layer security matrix layers MPC, Intel SGX, the signature Policy Engine, and a deposit address authentication network provide  the most impenetrable system in the industry.

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Premium Offer

Cryptocurrencies are very carefully screened and selected before being listed on exchange.

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No Deposit Fees

There are no deposit fees for crypto and the process is quick & easy.

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24/7 Customer Support

Customer support available to help you with any questions, issues or concerns 24/7.

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Industry best practices

The all-in-one multichain platform allows the Unitex platform to be flexible in the field of scaling and integration and various crypto assets

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Safety and security are the highest concerns for both our clients and our partners, not to mention regulators.

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Robust Compliance

0 level tolerance for any type of ML/TF schemes.

UnitEx User Demographics

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Supported Protocols

We are able to support 30 blockchain protocols and 1,100+ tokens, including private and public blockchains.

New protocols are added every month.


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We've taken the confusion out of crypto for millions of customers. Buy, sell, and manage your holdings from anywhere.

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Our Partners

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